Precision, high-quality CNC turning & milling services.


Ultra-High precision turning in all materials in small and large volumes along with manual turning for low volume, niche jobs. Our expertise in this field is second to none with customers from some of the most demanding sectors relying on our performance. We also operate Turn-Mill machinery capable of automated 'lights out' production.


All machines powered by CAM software in which we have extensive knowledge in programming for efficient optimisation. We use Hypermill software ensuring your parts can be milled in the most efficient way saving you money without compromise in quality.


3, 4 & 5 axis full simultaneous CNC MILLING. Machines include, Bridgeport, Kitamura, Haas, a Matsuura MX-520 & MAM72 35V for fully automated production. Renishaw Touch Probing (Job setting, in-process & post process inspection, accurate to within 0.001 mm). We are happy to take on straight forward parts to some of the most complex projects for demanding applications.