The final touches to your parts.


Electroplating is the name given to the electro-chemical process of depositing a thin layer of one type of metal onto a component made from another type of metal. Widely used within industry for all manner of reasons, one of the most common being to give enhanced corrosion protection, another being to aid decorative effect. We work with a number of knowledgeable electroplating specialists and routinely employ their expertise to meet customer specifications.


A fantastic way of protecting aluminum components and simultaneously adding colour. However, there are plenty of pitfalls to be overcome to ensure good, strong, consistent anodized finishes. We know how to maximize success with both colour and hard anodizing.


This is a hot zinc process which is commonly used to produce unrivaled corrosion protection on steel components. There are several design considerations that need to be taken into account to help ensure the best quality galvanized approach. We regularly design components for Hot Dip Galvanizing, and employ the process for items we manufacture.


A technique that produces a smooth surface offering obvious cosmetic benefits, as well as mechanical advantages in some instances. Polishing prior to anodizing can be employed to enhance the luster. To achieve a satisfactory and consistent polished finish is a skill. We have it covered.


This is a technique by which abrasive media (typically glass beads) are fired against the component within a fast moving air stream. The impact of the media produces a very subtle patina on the surface, which can produce a pleasing cosmetic finish. Often employed prior to anodizing, the choice of media and other strategies play a part in the overall success. We have wide ranging experience with all bead blasting.


A clever way of gently de-burring and/or polishing components that makes use of vibrating abrasive media. By fine tuning the abrasive type and other parameters different effects and finishes can be achieved. We employ this technology daily and understand it well.


This is a technology closely related to bead blasting, the difference being it is a wet process (the media is blasted within a water flow. This offers several advantages notably that it is less aggressive than dry bead blasting and can be more consistent in the finish achieved.


We operate our own laser engraving machine which can be very useful for component part marking, or application of artwork. It is particularly effective when applied to anodised components.


We can carry out hand applied painting at our works. We work closely with a number of powder coat specialists who we trust to carry out good work and can ensure painted finished to BSI / NORSOK standards etc.