Welding, cutting, bending & assembly services.

TIG Welding (high frequency AC & DC)

Arguably the most skilled type of welding which is ideally suited to delicate and precise work pieces, we have welders coded to Civil Aviation Authority standards. We are experienced in TIG welding of carbon steels, stainless steels (including Duplex), aluminum and Titanium.

ARC Welding

Commonly called stick, or covered electrode, welding, is a manual welding process that uses a welding power supply to create an electric an arc between a flux-covered consumable electrode and the workpiece to melt the metals at the welding point.

MIG Welding

Somewhat less suited to delicate components, but offers the advantage of being a faster process. Using the latest (SUPER FANDANGO) MIG welding equipment we can tackle steel, stainless steel & aluminium work.


We can offer a large variety of regular and technical sheet metal manipulation techniques from straight edge guillotine cutting and folding to more advanced multi-bend techniques for lower volume curved sections, angle rolls, plate rolls and also profile tube bending.

Assembly & Testing

Although the majority of our business is in supply of components, we also offer assembly services. Naturally, we understand how to screw things together correctly and can provide documentation to support if required. We can also offer hydraulic pressure testing.

Laser & waterjet cutting

We have a close working relationship with a number of trusted Laser Jet & Water Jet cutting specialists who are run by engineers, not just button pushers. Ritchie Engineering use their services weekly, we know the strengths (and more importantly the limitations) of both types of cutting technologies. Services offered include 5-axis cutting.